Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Current Skincare Routine - Morning

I had one of my real life friends request a post about this because we have very similar skin types (oily, acne-prone skin). I don't have a perfect system down yet. However, I think my routine is pretty good. I don't get breakouts as much as a used to, which makes me happy.

Morning routine:

I start out by washing my face with Kiss Foaming Cleanser from Silk Naturals. I do as they suggest and use their foaming bottle and dilute the cleanser. They suggest a 30% cleanser to 70% water ratio. Warning: Because of the part of the foaming bottle that sticks down into the bottle itself, you need to use less cleanser than you think to get the right proportions without overflowing the bottle (maybe that's just my issue though...). Next time I have to mix, I think I'm going to put the water in first, then the cleanser. I love that this cleanser is really gentle. I also like that it is so light on the skin when using the foaming bottle. I use a washcloth to wipe the cleanser off my face, and this doesn't gunk up the washcloth. I usually use the same washcloth for several days before switching, and I couldn't do that with a heavier, thicker cleanser. The foaming bottle also makes the 4 oz bottle last a LONG time.

I use my eye cream next. I don't have one that I love yet, but I'm currently using Sibu Beauty's Sea Buckthorn Age Defying Eye Cream. It is okay. When that is gone, I will be trying something else. The reason I use my eye cream before my acne treatment is so I don't have to wash my hands multiple times while going through my skincare routine. I don't want any residual acne treatment to get into my eyes, so if I used my acne treatment first, I would need to wash my hands before using my eye cream. This way, I just wash my hands at the end of my entire routine.

My acne treatment comes next. I have been using and loving Neutrogena's Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment. The active ingredient is 2% salicylic acid. I like using salicylic acid during the day because I've had a ton of issues in the past with benzoyl peroxide bleaching my clothes, particularly in the warmer months when I have the tendency to sweat. I read a review on this that complains that some of the ingredients actually aren't good for acne-prone skin, but it seems to work really well for me. I've gone through multiple tubes, and have at least one back-up in my bathroom.

Finally, I use a moisturizer with SPF. I've been working my way through deluxe samples that I got in a Sephora SPF kit that they sold over the summer. In the picture is Supergoop's Everyday Face & Body Lotion SPF 30. Honestly, I've only used it a few times. I just stuck it in the picture to signify a moisturizer. I plan on ordering Lavanila's The Healthy Sunscreen SPF 40 soon, which will become my everyday moisturizer. I will continue to use up the deluxe samples that I have on days when I'm not working and just plan on being around the house or running a couple of errands.

As a quick summary, I would recommend the Kiss Foaming Cleanser and the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment. My eye cream and moisturizer will be switching sometime soon.

Since this post is already quite long, I'm going to wait and do a separate post for my evening skincare routine. I should have it posted within the next few days.

What skincare products do you use in the morning? Do you know of a great eye cream I should check out?


  1. I have seen a lot of people liking the SN foaming cleanser. Must be good stuff! Is it sad that I don't have a morning skin care routine?

  2. The SN cleanser really is good. I would suggest giving a sample a try. I don't think it's sad that you don't have a morning routine. I wish I didn't have to have a morning routine. My face would start breaking out more than usual though if I didn't, and I really do need the sunscreen. I was out in the sun over the weekend, and my fiance kept telling me to get in the shade because I was going to start sparkling. LOL