Disclosures & Press Samples

Press Samples/Free Products

At this point in time, nearly every product featured on my blog has been purchased by me. If I happen to receive an item from another source (press sample, gift, prize, etc), it will be indicated at the top and bottom of that specific post.

I am open to receiving products for consideration. I do not guarantee that products received will be featured in a blog post. If I do choose to write about received products, all opinions, positive or negative, will be mine. If you are interested in sending me products for consideration, please contact me at beautybabbling@yahoo.com.

At the time, I am not open to doing sponsored posts.

Referral/Affiliate Links

I do not currently have any affiliate links listed on the side bar of my blog. Any affiliate links within posts will be clearly designated.


My reviews are based on my own personal experiences with a product. I am not a professional in the makeup/beauty industry. I do not guarantee that you will have the same results. You may hate a product that I love, or vice versa.

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