Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's Okay Thursday Link Up!

TGI almost F!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay...

...that my typical "hairstyle" is rewetting my hair in the morning, scrunching it a little, and nothing else.

...that today was a really crappy day.

...that I had a whole list of these in my head earlier today, and I can't think of them now.

...that I did go ahead and upgrade to an iPhone 4. It's working so much better than my old phone.

...that I'm addicted to the game Tiny Tower.

...that I will probably order more than I should when theBalm finally gets their new website up and running correctly (they will be having a 24-hour 50% off everything sale).

...that I bought a ton of junk food at WalMart today (Cadbury cream eggs, Starburst jellybeans, and ice cream).

...that I'm stockpiling Special K products that have codes for free OPI polishes (8 codes gets you three exclusive colors).

How has your week been? What's okay with you?


  1. You needed it this week.. I will keep sending you funny comics to brighten your day...


    1. Totally a slacker here with responding. Thanks again for the comics. I need to play with it again. My first attempt wasn't very good.