Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's Okay Thursday Link Up!!!

Thank goodness the end of the week is almost here. It's been a long and somewhat stressful one around here. I should have a relaxing weekend since I don't have anything planned.

On to the point of this post...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay...

...that I ate an entire box of Thin Mint cookies in three days.

...that I always have really weird dreams, and I mean REALLY weird. One of those weird dreams made me get out of bed this week to stare at the ceiling, which I apparently thought was going to crumble on top of me (at least I think I actually got up...I'm not completely positive).

...that I keep buying water bottles. I buy them, they work for a while, and they start leaking (even expensive ones, which makes me mad).

...that Monday's beauty experiments were an epic fail. I looked presentable when I left the house, but I wasn't happy with my makeup, and I did my hair twice.

...that I let my 100th post pass by without a peep.

What's okay with you this week?


  1. THREE days for a box of Thin Mints is not okay, it's excellent. That would last all of three minutes in my hot little hands.

    1. Glad to know I did pretty well. I did eat an entire sleeve in one day. After that I tried to pace myself a little bit. ;-)

  2. really it only took you three days?? You have way too much restraint!

    1. hahaha...I wish I had a bit more. I might have been able to resist buying boxes of cookies at all. :-)