Saturday, May 19, 2012

Random Thoughts - Volume 2

Additions I want/need to make to my blog...

I've had some things on my mental blog to-do list for a while now that I haven't quite gotten to yet. I know I need to add a disclosure statement. I haven't worried about it too much yet because I haven't had anything sent to me for review, and I don't expect to get anything sent to me any time soon. That being said, it still needs to be done.

I want to add an "About Me" page, and I've tried writing it a couple of times. Each time I try, I get stuck. It always ends up sounding like rambling and completely irrelevant. What do you look for on an "About Me" page?

Other goals are to start using my Twitter account and create a facebook page for my blog. 

The one thing that I was able to accomplish for my blog a couple of months ago was an avatar picture. I never like pictures that I take of myself, so that was out. I don't have any EOTD pictures that I like enough to look at every time I got to my blog dashboard. I came up with the brainstorm to take pictures of the amaryllis flowers my fiance and I had blooming in our sunroom. I them played with the colors in Picasa to match my blog theme. I was pretty happy with the result.

I made another haul...

On Monday I traveled up to the school that I taught at the past two years to visit with my former co-workers before the school year ended. I took advantage of being near better shopping and stopped at a Big Lots, two CVSs, two Walgreens, and two WalMarts looking for makeup/beauty items I can't get in my town. I picked up a ton of Philosophy cosmetics at Big Lots...I would have preferred picking up a few things, testing them out, and going back for more, BUT since I couldn't do that...I grabbed everything that I thought I might like. I also got some LE stuff that my CVS isn't carrying yet (and might not get at all).

I should be getting some haul/first impressions posts up over the new few days. I especially want to get up posts on the Philosophy items since I'm guessing those will sell out relatively quickly. To help get them up more quickly, I did a couple of massive picture taking sessions. I did one taking pictures of the brand-new products before I stuck my fingers in them, and today I took swatch pictures of everything.

Brushes need washing...

I've been so busy lately, I haven't had the chance to wash my brushes in a long time. I washed a few brushes a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't get to all of them. I am now completely out of clean flat-shader brushes, and I have a lot of them. When I took pictures of my May MyGlam bag, I realized that I haven't even washed my April MyGlam brushes yet. Oops! That is one of my many projects that I want to get to today.

Summer is here!

The school year is officially over, so my schedule is going to slow down a little bit. I'm excited for the down time to work on my blog and work on projects around the house. Beyond that, I don't have any super exciting summer plans. Are you doing anything exciting this summer?

Keep your eyes peeled for my Philosophy cosmetics posts. There's some really good things that you should definitely check out if you have a Big Lots near you!


  1. I still don't have a disclosure statement and haven't felt I need one yet because I don't take products for review. As far as an 'About Me' page... I guess the things I like to see/know... Your general geographic location, how/why you started blogging, and any other fun facts about yourself. I had an about me at one point but took it down because I really don't like to disclose a whole lot about myself, believe it or not! Yay for philosophy! I don't have a Big Lots anywhere near me, so I'm jealous you were able to get some!

    1. The fact that I haven't received anything free for review is the reason I haven't worried about a disclosure statement yet either. I guess I just want to have it in place, so I can forget about it.

      The Big Lots that I was at was over 2 hours from where I live, so I was really lucky that they had stuff out and in stock when I was there.