Thursday, April 5, 2012

Silk Naturals Spring Collection Order

Silk Naturals released their spring collection last week. It includes two new eye shadow formulas: mattelight and glimmer. They also released some new lip products, most of them in a new lip color formula: kissable cream lip gloss. The final addition to the collection was to add a recent gumball product to the permanent line: equalizer powder.

I made my order on Sunday night, and I got my order yesterday! This is one of the things I love about Silk Naturals. They have shipping down to a science. Here's what I got:

I got five of the mattelight eye shadows. I didn't get any of the glimmer ones because they were bright rainbow colors that were gorgeous but not my style. I got one of the new kissable cream lip colors, and my free sample was of a cream blush. I'll show the GWP later in the post.

Here's a closer look at the eye shadows:

L to R: Driftwood, Flourish, Kind, Giggle, Whimsy
L to R: Driftwood, Flourish, Kind, Giggle, Whimsy

These are perfect colors for spring and for me. Flourish is shimmery gorgeousness in a jar. I've been loving nude colors on my lid lately, so I can see myself grabbing for it a lot. I'm also really looking forward to playing with Whimsy. My pictures really don't do it justice. SN says that it has a green shimmer base with lavender highlights that make it an interesting grey. I don't see how it is a grey, but it is really pretty to look at.

L to R: Swing and Panache
I love the feel of the kissable cream formula, and since it has cocoa butter in it, it has that lovely scent to it. Yum! Silk Naturals describes it as a plummy pink with a lot of aqua shimmer in it. It looks more like a peachy pink to me though. It is on the sheer side, which is great. If it was more opaque, I don't think I could pull it off. Even though I'm really fair, I need a pop of color on my lips. If they are too light, I look dead.

Panache is a gorgeous coral color. I wouldn't have bought it on my own, but I'm excited to have a sample of it to try.

Gift with Purchase:

This week's gift with purchase was a trio of blushes with any $24 purchase. SN's site says it will be sent with any order placed by April 5, so you might still be able to get it if you order tonight.

Oh yeah...I almost forgot to mention that I ordered a new bottle of the Kiss Foaming Cleanser. My current bottle is getting low, so I wanted to make sure I had more on hand.

Overall, I'm really happy with my order. I don't order as much from indie companies anymore because I have been seduced by the convenience of pressed makeup, but SN almost always comes out with something that calls my name.

Did you order anything from the new SN collection?


  1. Wow, your swatches are great and the ML e/c look like I thought they would..more matte. BUT other ones I have seen on the SN have more shimmer in them. Im not sure if If I should get them. I love mattes too. I did put an order in and it was to get skin care. I love some of the skin care from SN.

  2. I just swatched Driftwood next to Clutch (the only eyelight I have that isn't pressed), and I would agree with Cait's statement that they are similar in finish. Clutch seems to have more super fine shimmer than Driftwood, which has a very satiny look to it with sparse shimmer. I can't remember off-hand if you've tried the eyelights or what you thought of them. Thankfully, you know the mattelights will be around for a while (I love that SN rarely does LE items), so you can maybe throw one in as your free shadow with a future skincare order if you are still torn about them.

  3. I got my Cultch out and looked at the finish. Im going to pass for now on Driftwood. Thanks =:0)

  4. These all look so pretty! Between you and Cait, you girls are making me want to place a SN order!

    1. This really was a nice collection. As I mentioned above, since SN rarely does LE items, you can add them to your wishlist and place the order when you can instead of feeling the need to rush and order right away.