Saturday, January 19, 2013

EcoTools Day-to-Night Clutch Set Review

I don't know about all of you, but I feel like I had a crazy week this week. I subbed every day (one of them was a half-day, but the rest were full days), had tutoring two days after school, helped on of my guard girls write a routine on another day after school, and had a doctor's appointment. It wouldn't have been bad, but I had a headache ALL week. It started on Sunday and came and went through last night. I was so tired last night that I was in bed by around 8 p.m., and I didn't get back up until around 8:30 this morning.

Sadly, with everything going on and not quite feeling right, I didn't get a post up yesterday. I've been trying to stick to having posts up every Tuesday and Friday, and I just didn't have enough of them done ahead of time.

I'm making up for it today though by bringing you a review of a relatively new brush set by the company EcoTools.

EcoTools is an earth-friendly company that makes their brushes from synthetic taklon bristles, recycled aluminum ferrules, and bamboo handles.  Best of all, their brushes are sold at places like Walgreens, Walmart, and Ulta for super-affordable prices. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can often find them for BOGO 50% off at Walgreens or Ulta.

I picked up the Six Piece Day-To-Night Clutch Set when EcoTools had an amazing Cyber Monday sale - 50% off everything with free shipping. The everyday price on the EcoTools site is $16.99, which isn't bad for five brushes and a cute little clutch.

Here's a look at the clutch on it's own. It has elastic loops on the inside to hold the brushes in the set. You could also throw in a couple more loose brushes if you wanted. I personally won't use this much (if at all), but it is more functional and convenient than other brush holders that EcoTools has included with their sets.

Before I start talking about the individual brushes, I will say that every single EcoTools brush that I have is super soft. 

Round Powder Brush - Because of the size, I've been using this for blush instead of powder. I like the shape and density of this brush because it helps me get a light blush application. I can see how this would be a good brush for powder for the same reason. You will be less likely to over-powder with a brush like this compared with a brush that is more dense.

Stay-There Shadow Brush - This is a classic EcoTools brush. You can find this same shape in a couple of their other sets. I find this particular brush shape too large and fluffy for applying shadow to the lid, but this is my absolute favorite brush for applying my matte highlight to my browbone and to help blend out my crease color.

From top to bottom: Pointed Concealer Brush and Smudge Brush

I'm including a picture of these two brushes together because my individual pictures are deceptive about the relative size of these brushes.

Pointed Concealer Brush - I use this as a crease brush because I like how precise it is for applying color.

Smudge Brush - I also use this in the crease. It is smaller and doesn't have a point. The size makes it great for applying a super dark color to the crease.

Lip Liner Brush - This is another brush that is included in other EcoTools brush sets. I've never used it to apply lip color, but I can tell it would work well for this. It is also a good size for adding an inner corner highlight or as a small concealer brush.

Final Thoughts

I just flat out love EcoTools brushes. They are soft, inexpensive, and good quality. They have a decent variety of brush shapes. I own nearly every brush they have put out. My only real complaints with their brushes are that a lot of them can only be purchased in sets and they often include a lash and brow brush as part of their sets. I'm really excited about some of their new brushes that just came out, but I'm going to wait to pick them up. I'm trying to cut back on my spending for a little while after my shopping spree at the end of 2012.

I clearly have a tendency to use brushes in ways they were not intended for. Are you that way too? Are you as happy with EcoTools brushes as I am?


  1. I love EcoTools brushes too! I have a collection from the annual recycling program.
    I use brushes for purposes other than they are intended - I wetline eye shadow with a concealer brush.

    1. A lot of my collection is thanks to their annual recycling program too. I hope they bring that back this year. I have crappy brushes that I'm saving for it, just in case... :-)

      I haven't tried wet-lining with a concealer brush yet. I'll have to try that.

  2. I love EcoTools brushes! I actually only have two of them, but I just ordered the eye brush set and blush brush tonight!

    1. I really enjoy the eye brush set (I have two of them). I think you'll like it too!

  3. I still haven't tried eco tools brushes! But the new sets that they came out with look really nice! Especially this one! Also I use brushes differently than what they are supposed to be used for too! I like using eyeliner brushes as lip brushes because they are so precise. And I use lip brushes to highlight my inner corner also.

    1. You'll have to give them a try when you get the chance! They really are great brushes. I'm going to have a hard time resisting if I see any of their other new brushes in store. :-)