Sunday, September 30, 2012

Facebook and Twitter

Life has been crazy lately. It's been so crazy that  it was almost a week after my 10-year anniversary with my fiance that I actually remembered that it was past our anniversary, and that was only because of an NCIS episode that had a couple in the opening scene celebrating their 10-year anniversary. Yep...crazy. Thankfully neither my fiance nor I put a huge emphasis on things like that, so it wasn't really a big deal.

This weekend was actually slow enough though that I'm getting around to a couple of things I've been meaning to do. The first thing was publishing a Facebook page for this blog. I created the page back in the spring, but I never actually got around to doing anything with it. It is finally visible to the public, and I made a couple of posts on it today. You can find it here.
I'm also going to officially mention that I have a Twitter account for my blog. The only thing I've really used it for up to this point is entering giveaways, but I want to start using it more now that I have it on my phone. My Twitter name is @beautybabbling.

My question for all of you is what sort of things do you like to see on Facebook pages and Twitter accounts for blogs?

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