Thursday, March 8, 2012

Physicians Formula pH matchmaker blush in Rose

I will readily admit that I was sucked in by the gimmick behind this blush. From the first time I saw the promo pictures, I wanted to give this blush a try. When my CVS put them out with a $3 rebate on the box at the same time that I had some ExtraBucks in hand (I think I had $5), I couldn't resist. I think these retail for around $13, so I would definitely wait and catch them during a sale or with a coupon.

According to Physicians Formula, this blush "reacts to the light & your pH for your perfect blushing glow" and has "light adjusting pigments [that] adapt to your environment so color looks the same indoors & out."

Packaging: As with nearly every other Physicians Formula product out there, the packaging is bulky to include the terrible brush that they always have. If you down own, or haven't seen pictures, the pan with the product flips up, and there is a brush underneath. I didn't think to take pictures of those features because I don't care for them and don't use them. I like the lighted makeup mirror theme that they have on the top of the packaging and on the blush itself. PF usually does a good job with this sort of thing.

Another gimmicky feature that this product includes is LED lights on the sides of the mirror so you can apply the product in a dark area. I don't think the lights are strong enough for that. See for yourself:

It looks like it would be WAY too easy to walk away looking like a clown trying to apply this blush in low lighting. Besides, I'm having a hard time thinking of a place where I would need something like that for blush. If I went out in the evening (which I never do anymore), I wouldn't exactly be pulling this out on the dance floor for a touch-up, and the bathrooms usually have a decent amount of light. This feature makes more sense on the lip gloss. I would have preferred they didn't include the lights and cut the price by a dollar or two.

On to the blush itself!

As you can see from the above pictures, the makeup lights design on the blush is just a sliver over-spray. It is gone with the first use. The blush itself does have a lot of fine shimmer though. I originally thought that it was silver as well, but as I'm looking at it to write this, it looks multicolored.

It has decent pigmentation, and thankfully, the shimmer doesn't appear to be overkill on the skin. I apply this using a duo fiber brush and then blend it out with a kabuki, and the shimmer isn't really noticeable. As for the gimmick color-adjusting claims, I didn't see any color change either when swatched or on my cheeks.

The wear-time on this blush has been a little inconsistent for me. Some days it seems to last throughout the whole day and others it is nearly gone at the end of my work day around 3:30 in the afternoon. This isn't a blush I would choose if I knew I was going to have a really long, busy day.

Personally, while this blush color is pretty, I don't think it is worth $13. I wouldn't have picked it up if it hadn't been for the coupons I had, and I wouldn't suggest picking this up at full price either. Wait for a good sale if you want to give this a try. I know that CVS in particular has had a ton of good Physicians Formula deals this year.

Have you tried any of the matchmaker line or any of the other new releases from PF? What did you think of them?


  1. I saw these but passed on them. The color looks great! But I couldn't see paying that much for it. The lighted mirror cracks me up! Thanks for the review!

  2. I think the lighted mirror is cute, but yeah pretty gimmicky. I'd probably use it like I use lighted lipglosses: for trying to find things lost under my bed LOL. The colour is gorgeous though.