Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Surprise Love! Physicians Formula Nude Wear Blush in Natural - Review and Swatches

Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are my own. 

I usually like products from Physicians Formula, and when there is a good sale on the brand at CVS, I usually can't resist picking something up. It's rare for me to discover a product from them that I'm really excited about though.

I've already posted about picking up a blush and bronzer from their new Nude Wear line when I was able to get them for a fantastic price.

Price: $12.95 on Physicians Formula's website; I got mine for much cheaper at CVS with a sale and coupons.


Just like pretty much everyone else out there who buys Physicians Formula, I have a love-hate relationship with their packaging. Their packaging is usually really cute, and this line is no exception. I love how girly it is with the pale pink and the metallic bow.

Just like every other Physicians Formula powder product though, the packaging is really bulky so they can include their terrible, scratchy brush. I would so much rather they skipped the brush (and even the mirror) and made the packaging half the thickness. I don't expect that to happen though, and it is just something that has to be expected with the brand.


A shimmery over-spray is another one of Physicians Formula's quirks, so if you aren't familiar with the brand and are hoping that shimmer runs throughout, you are out of luck. If you don't like the shimmer, don't worry. It is gone after one use.

The four tones of the Nude Wear Blush in Natural combine to make a soft pink with just a little bit of sheen. It feels smooth to the touch and blends easily onto the skin.

It honestly doesn't look like anything special, so what makes me love it? There are two things. The first is that the color is practically impossible for me to over-apply, which is a near miracle on my fair skin. The second is that it lasts all day on me. I'm talking 12+ hour wear time here. Those two things combined is probably going to make this a blush I'll reach for regularly.

Final Thoughts

I'm obviously really happy that I purchased this blush. If you have fair to light skin and are looking for and easy-to-apply blush, keep an eye out for sales and give this one a go. I have a feeling this shade might start to look a little bit ashy on medium to dark skintones, but that is obviously just a guess on my part.

Have you tried any products from the Nude Wear line? Have you had any products that surprised you with how much you like them?

Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Ooh it is so pretty, I am not sure I would want to use it x

    1. I know. Right? The shimmer over-spray is so pretty.

  2. What a pretty blush! I have never used any Physicians Formula products, for some reason they just don't appeal to me because of the bulkiness. But I know eventually I will have to check them out!

    Des | Simple Charm Beauty

    1. I have such a love-hate relationship with their packaging. It's always really cute, but it is so darn bulky. I've depotted several blushes that I have from them. I probably won't depot this one because I tried to depot one in similar packaging, and I ended up taking a large gash out of the blush. :-(